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Chapter 24 We Are Not Alone | Have We Been Visited? | The Fuel of Space Travel | Genocide | Why Haven't the Aliens Committed Genocide Against Us? | Endless War | From the Mouth of the Gods | Sell Your Clothes and Buy a Weapon | Allahu Akbar | Buddha

Have We Been Visited?

If the first intelligent alien species of the Galaxy evolved 6 billion years ago, as we have demonstrated is a likely approximation, then how long would it take them before they discovered us?  Assuming the aliens originated in the most remote region of the Galaxy, in the farthest corner away from earth, they would be approximately 73,000 light years away.  This is a distance of 411,503,775,886,980,000 miles, which is 411 million billions of miles.  A jet airplane traveling four times the speed of sound could accomplish this distance in 16 billion years. 

Much faster is our own 1970's vintage space probe, Voyager.  Launched in 1977, Voyager has broken through our sun's gravitational pull and is destined to travel deep space until the sun freezes over – or until some space alien intercepts it and learns to dance the boogie woogie from the oldies music on Voyager's phonograph "Golden Record." 

Careening through space at approximately 38,000 miles per hour, 1 Voyager will travel 73,000 light years in 1.24 billion years, provided it suffers no obstructions.  Likewise, space aliens could reach our planet in just 1.24 billion years, using nothing but 1970's technology.  Assuming they evolved 6 billion years ago, this means that they arrived in our solar system approximately 4 ½ billion years ago.  At that time, earth was just beginning to form.  But let's say that the aliens paused for 10,000 years every 10 light years, in order to build a civilization on a suitable planet, which after 10,000 years would become so overpopulated that they would be forced to move on.  Even then, the number is not much different, standing at 1.30 billion years.  This is not based on the assumption that they made a beeline for us; rather, it is based on the assumption that they expanded in all directions from their point of origin, and that we are one of many planets they could have visited within their radius of origin, which enlarged as they traveled in deep space, stopping every few light years, and pausing until overpopulation of suitable planets forced them to keep expanding.

The Galaxy itself is 100,000 light years in diameter.  Using these same numbers, the colonization of the entire Galaxy, just by using 1970's technology, should take no longer than 1.8 billion years.  

It could have happened even more quickly.  We could get to Alpha Centauri, the star closest to the sun, with much greater speed, in just 20,000 years, if we used the gravity of a planet to "slingshot" spaceships toward the foreign star. 2  Using gravity as a slingshot would greatly enhance the speed at which we could travel.  Using this technique, it would allow us to colonize the entire Galaxy in just 565 million years – this number still allowing for 100 million years of down time during which aliens enjoy colonizing suitable solar systems until they become so overpopulated that they must move on.  This technology is just outside our current capabilities.  If stupid apes like us can achieve it, how much more efficient would the big-headed aliens be?

By putting these observations together, we can construct a hypothetical history of life in the universe.  The universe was formed 13.7 billion years ago.  The first life-sustainable solar systems were formed between 13 and 11 billion years ago.  Since intelligent life evolved on earth within 5 billion years, it should do so at least as fast on other planets, and the fastest among them was probably even faster.  Therefore, the first intelligent species emerged no later than 6 billion years ago.  This species and its descendent species would have colonized the entire Galaxy within 1.8 billion years.  Thus, by 4.2 billion years ago, the entire Galaxy was likely populated with space aliens.  This is likely the latest it could have happened.

Hence, space aliens permeated the Galaxy before life even appeared on earth.  They have been with our planet since the beginning, and have played God with us since the beginning.  At this point, evolutionary science and religion should stop their bickering and just get married, because the gods are real, and they are the product of evolution.

The Fuel of Space Travel

But where would the aliens get the fuel for such long interstellar journeys?  How light and compact would the fuel need to be in order to make the journey on a single "tank of gas," so to speak?  After all, you can't refuel while you are inbetween stars, so you need to carry a very large amount of fuel with you.  To be feasible, the fuel must either be extremely light or pack one heck of a power punch.

The fuel needed would be the hydrogen isotope deuterium, and the process to burn it would be nuclear fusion.  According to nuclear scientist Freidberg, "It would take only about a pickup truck full of deuterium laced ocean water to power Boston for a year." 3 This is a perfect fuel.  Not only does it provide 96 million MJ per kilogram, roughly 2.4 million times the energy provided by the same amount of gasoline, 4 it also occurs in plentiful amounts throughout the universe.  Water in one form or another is known to exist not only on earth, but also on comets, Uranus, Neptune, maybe Mars, and several moons of the gas giant planets of our own solar system.  Recently, water in steam form has even been spotted on planets outside our solar system.  Just 30 light years away from earth, there is a planet with the same mass as earth which is known to be comprised almost entirely of water.  It is much closer to its sun than earth is, ensuring gaseous form on the surface. 5  Therefore, water must be a cheap and easy commodity on the intra-Galactic market.  The fuel required for a nuclear fusion powered space ship is commonly available, very cheap, and packs a power punch powerful enough to justify carrying its weight around in a gas tank for thousands of years while traveling through deep space. 

But there's a catch.  The large size and weight of a nuclear fusion reactor makes it a cumbersome contraption to fly through space.  The plasma reaction chamber needs to be 400 cubic meters in order to harvest the energy generated by nuclear fusion.  Around the reactor is a complex layering of shields, blankets, coils, and steel filters about 4 feet thick, together with heavy magnets and a thick steel casing. 6  The entire contraption is as large as a house or bigger.

Adding to the weight of the craft, there must also be a thick shield around the entire perimeter, composed of layers of lead, reflecting materials, and vacuum chambers, in order to keep the craft warm and safe from radiation.  All this makes for one whale of a spaceship.


But even if other intelligence evolved before us, why would space aliens come here?  Why not stay comfortable on their home planet?  Deep space travel is a tough life.  Quarters are cramped and cold for thousands of years.  Everything has to be recycled.  Interstellar travelers would have no choice but to eat mushrooms growing on their own excrement, and chemically synthesized food derived from the dead bodies of their comrades.  No wonder the aliens are putrid, green, and feeble-looking.  Worse, the cost of the project would be astronomical – no pun intended.  Given such conditions, why would anyone want to live in deep space? 

Answer:  To escape genocide.  Interstellar space travel is inevitable, because genocide will eventually always force certain subgroups of intelligent species to depart from their home planet. 

Genocide is the drumbeat to which so-called evolutionary progress marches.  The whole of natural history is nothing but an endless saga of brutal savagery and mass-murder.  Cambrian creatures committed genocide against Ediacaran creatures 550 million years ago, jawed fish committed genocide against the non-jawed fish 350 million years ago, early reptiles committed genocide against amphibians 250 million years ago, and the dinosaurs committed genocide against everybody 150 million years ago. 

Humans are no better.  The Romans committed genocide against the Helvetians, the Mongols against the Arabs, and the Europeans against the Native Americans.  Just in the past century, the Turks committed genocide against the Armenians, the Germans against the Jews and Slavs, the Communists against the Cambodians, the Hutu's against the Tutsi's, and the North Sudanese against South Sudan and Darfur.  Someday, a one-world economy will demand a one-world governing system, and sooner or later that government will fall into the hands of a bloody tyrant who will spare no enemy.  Then what will the victims of genocide do?  They will have no choice but to blast off toward another planet, no matter what the cost, and no matter how uncomfortable the journey. 

If it can happen on earth, it has already happened elsewhere in the Galaxy.  Among the prey, those who flee survive.  Among intelligent species, those who flee and survive are those who fly away to new planets.  The first deep space travelers were not brave pioneers.  Rather, they were refugees who were driven from home by acts of genocide perpetrated against them.

The brutal reality of survival of the fittest is genocide.  The essence of evolution is the complete extermination of certain genes from the gene pool.  This is a universal law that holds true for all time without regard to intelligence or technological advancement.  The same law has continually applied to all, from the smallest bacteria to the largest dinosaur, from the stupidest birdbrain to the smartest human, and from the smartest human to the smartest alien space god.  We are all children of the same Mother Nature, who gleefully watches her children rip each other's heads off and eat each other in barbaric acts of genocide.  Genocide is easily rationalized – it's a matter of your own tribe or nation destroying some other tribe or nation to garner the resources that used to belong to them.  Genocide is not psychotic, nor is it crazy.  Genocide is just the normal course of business.

Darwin expressed his satisfaction with survival of the fittest, closing his masterpiece with the words,

"There is grandeur in this view of life… endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved." 7

Together with his belief in a Creator God, 8 it was the most evil statement Darwin ever made.  Darwin's science was good, but his God was the demiurge!  To say evolution happens is one thing, but to say it is good is quite another.  The first is objective, the second subjective.  The first is fact, the second is belief.  The first belongs in the classroom, the second doesn't.  The first is sound science, but the second is a religion that worships Mother Nature and trivializes genocide. 

Why Haven't the Aliens Committed Genocide Against Us?

We have all been to the movies.  Hollywood assumes that space aliens would try to kill us to take over our planet's resources for themselves.  But what if we don't compete for the same resources?  What if we can peacefully coexist because we occupy different ecological niches?  Why would they need to steal our farmland if they can artificially synthesize food?  Why would they steal our oil and gas if they use nuclear fusion for energy?  Unless they needed to steal resources from us, there is no particular reason to perpetrate a holocaust against us.  Seeing that they don't need our resources, they leave us alone.  They merely abduct a few of us to satisfy their occasional sexual curiosities and breeding innovations, and this they do merely for their own purposes – not to advance human evolution, but rather to advance their own genetic properties by means of genetic engineering, to which end our DNA occasionally proves useful.  Why should they care about our evolution?  It makes much more sense that they are perpetrating sexual encounters with us to further the cause of their own evolution.

Why invade earth when everything you need is in your space ship?  If the aliens have been living in deep space for billions of years, not being on a planet, then they are adapted to that lifestyle, and have no need of living on a planet.  Staying in the space ship has certain advantages:  A space ship can dodge asteroids and meteors, but a planet cannot; a space ship does not suffer from unpredictable natural disasters like a planet does; a space ship may have better temperature controls than a planet; planets may be home to potentially harmful microbes that could devastate alien populations.  Also, life on neighboring planetary bodies provides a gene pool from which the aliens can draw, for the purpose of genetically engineering certain useful life forms that they don't already have in their menagerie of alien slave species.  If they invaded earth, they might cause contamination of this asset.  For these reasons, our alien neighbors may actually prefer to remain in space rather than invade us.

Therefore, the aliens don't kill us because they don't compete with us for the same resources.  When the Europeans colonized the Americas, they did not exterminate the earthworms of America.  Instead, they subdued members of their own species, the American Indians, and they did this because they competed with the Indians for the same resources.  Likewise, we should not necessarily expect space aliens to destroy us.  Rather, we should expect them to destroy other space aliens, because they compete with other space aliens more than they compete with us.  There is war among the gods, and we are but earthworms on the battlefield, who remain oblivious inside our burrows, relatively safe from the hellish warfare in the heavens.

They have been around for so many billions of years that by now the first intelligent species has diverged into many different species entirely dissimilar to each other, to such a great degree that different groups of aliens don't even regard each other as "human," but rather merely see each other as animals to be slaughtered and eaten. They feel no commonality nor brotherhood as members of the same species, for they are not closely related, and for this reason we should expect that wars among them are even more barbaric and ruthless than the wars among humans. 

Endless War

It is easy to see how a single government might dominate a planet.  Modern communications have recently made it quite plausible.  But can a single government dominate an entire Galaxy?  Probably not.  The transportation of large numbers of imperial storm troopers across the Galaxy would be an exercise in futility because of the time it takes to travel in deep space.  Sci-fi enthusiasts dream of traveling at light speed, but even if this were possible, it is not workable, because a spaceship would undoubtedly blow up even upon the slightest impact with a dust particle.  Like overdriving your headlights at night, going light speed overdrives radar, and so you cannot see obstacles until it is too late.  To travel safely, one must travel slowly.  In a Galaxy 100,000 light years across, travel is necessarily very slow.

Besides the travel complications, communications infrastructures will forever be too weak to sustain a Galactic Empire.  Interstellar communications, even when traveling at the speed of light, take years to reach even the closest neighboring star.  To permeate the entire Galaxy, a communication must travel 100,000 light years.  Imagine paying your taxes electronically when they can't even receive your electronic payment for 100,000 years.  If you skipped town, or skipped planet as it were, the taxman would be none the wiser.  You would have 100,000 years of free tax evasion.  Now imagine a whole planet defaulting on its taxes, or rebelling against a Galactic Empire.  By the time the imperial storm troopers arrived, the reasons for the conflict would have become superfluous.  It's analogous to the American Revolution if the Atlantic Ocean were several thousand times wider than it is.  By the time the first British redcoat musketeers arrived to subdue the rebellious colonies, America would have already discovered the A-Bomb and become Britain's ally in World War II.  Therefore, a Galactic Empire is not workable because of travel and communications limitations in interstellar space.  Alien governments are probably limited to single solar systems or at best neighborhoods of solar systems.

No government, therefore, will ever establish complete control of the Galaxy.  Consequently, there will always be wars between rival nations of intelligent species as they compete for various ecological niches.  Also, rogues and rebels will forever thrive throughout the Galaxy, because they cannot be apprehended when communication infrastructures between law enforcement agencies are weak.  In a world where social security numbers, driver's licenses, references, and background checks take light years to verify, no interplanetary government can ever become the all-seeing eye that is stamped on the back of the $1 dollar bill.  Big Brother might achieve omniscience here on earth, but cannot do so across an entire Galaxy.

But the sci-fi enthusiast might contest, what about warp zones via worm holes?  Couldn't they improve communications infrastructure?  Worm holes are one of the most excitable subjects in science fiction.  Based on a hypothetical break in the space-time continuum, they are more fiction than science, because they presuppose that it is somehow possible to go into a black hole and come out of a white hole intact – a fantasy that is rendered impossible by the simple fact that the immense gravity of a black hole destroys everything it sucks in. 

So there is no Galactic Empire.  There is no space alien God who can govern the Galaxy with absolute power.  There is no Almighty God.  Rather, there is eternal war among the gods.

From the Mouth of the Gods

The gods themselves confirm that they are creatures given over to violence.  The Bhagavad Gita is among the most sacred holy texts of the Hindu faith.  It allegedly contains the divine words of the god Krishna, who is the most widely loved of all the Hindu gods.  The text opens with a battle scene in which the disciple of Krishna, whose name is Arjuna, carries a battle banner with the image of an ape upon it. 9  This is quite fitting, for if the Bhagavad Gita is truly extraterrestrially or "divinely" inspired, then perhaps the god Krishna was dropping a hint that we are descended from apes.  In this opening scene, the god Krishna explains the moral justification for killing people in warfare – a practice that Krishna enthusiastically endorsed. 

From the very beginning, the Bhagavad Gita makes clear that Krishna is a god of war.  Our first picture of Krishna places him at the head of an army, in a chariot, and blowing a battle trumpet. 10  Arjuna beseeches Krishna as a god of war, asking him, "Guide my chariot, immortal Krishna, and position it between the two armies." 11  Krishna immediately heeds his disciples' request, driving his chariot into the fray. 12  Then Arjuna has a moment of doubt.  He says,

"I don't see anything good coming from killing my own brethren in battle… how does their death accomplish anything for us?... What sort of evil spirit has possessed us to kill our own people in battle for the sake of an earthly kingdom?" 13 

Krishna responds,

"Strong people don't feel remorse like that, Arjuna.  It wins you neither heaven nor earth." 14 

Krishna then explains that warfare is morally permissible, because the people you kill in war will just get reincarnated anyway, so,

"Start the battle, great warrior… for this war opens the gates of heaven.  Blessed are the warriors who fight this war, but if you don't fight, if you forsake your obligation and your honor, then you will fall into sin… 15  I came here to kill these people… so get up, win the victory, and vanquish your foe…" 16  

Clearly, Krishna is a god of war.  Indeed, he was a Hindu jihadist! 

Theologians like Gandhi later reinterpreted Krishna's words into a message of non-violence, but if you read the Gita for what it actually says, it is anything but non-violent.  Gandhi's pacifist tendencies actually did not come from Hinduism at all, but from his Jainist upbringing.  Jainism is a different religion.  Interestingly, its symbol is the swastika.  In such manner the gods devise ways to mock humanity through the centuries, for they gave the swastika as a symbol for non-violence, then gave the violent Nazi movement the same symbol.

Before Krishna, the Hindus worshipped a different system of deities, chief of whom was a violent god named Indra.  Indra was believed to have slain the primordial monster and created the world from its blood and guts, much the same way the Babylonian god Marduk allegedly did as recorded in Enuma Elish.  He is called "conquering Indra," 17 "strong jaws," 18 "thunder-armed," 19 "celebrated warrior," 20 "all conquering," 21 "the plunderer in the battles of warriors," and he is invoked "to conquer all our enemies in battle," 22 and to make us wealthy by "bringing the plunder" to us, and he rides war horses "daring to grab the booty." 23  It is said of Indra, "Choked by your hand, your enemies were slain, and they lie stabbed and gory in the abyss of death." 24  He is also said to be "angry in spirit," 25 and armies "cannot win without his help." 26  Indra is also repeatedly associated with the consumption of a narcotic herb called Soma that brings "wild delight" and helps him kill the dragon. 27  Indra is said to lead an army of 159,000.  He has overthrown the regimes of 20 kings, destroyed 99 castles, razed 7 forts, butchered 99 cloud demons, and he has killed Ahi, Rauhina, Vyamsa, Dasas, and the Dasyus. 28

Two other Vedic gods, Varuna and Agni, are also gods of war.  Called "Lord of the warrior's strength," Varuna is associated with chariots. 29  Of Agni, it is said he "kills many in war by the hands of few," 30 and, "he butchers demons like an axe," 31 and puts on "a suit of armor for war." 32

Sell Your Clothes and Buy a Weapon

In terms of shear violence, Jesus Christ is hard pressed to follow this act.  Yet the same Jesus who said "Turn the other cheek" 33 also said "If you don't own a weapon, sell your clothes and buy one." 34  He said this in the context of going on a journey,

Jesus said, "Take nothing for the journey except a big stick.  No paper, no food, and no money in your bag.  Wear sandals, and don't take a change of clothes"… And when the Apostles returned he asked, "Did you lack anything?"  "No," they replied.  Jesus continued, "Next time, if you don't own a weapon, sell your clothes and buy one." 35

This squares with what Hippolytus said about the Essenes,

"When the Essenes go on a journey, they carry nothing but weapons." 36

The seemingly contradictory sayings of "turn the other cheek" and "carry a weapon" are actually part of a clever and very natural survival strategy.  One may observe certain animals in the wild, such as bears, bull moose, and wildcats; although they are quite powerful and well endowed with natural weaponry, they tend to stay away from potentially hostile creatures.  When a human walks into their territory, they "turn the other cheek," so to speak, because they leave and go hide somewhere else.  They do not fight merely out of pride, nor do they fight for the wealth of resources on the land from which they are driven.  However, they will fight when personally threatened, and they will win, because nature has armed them well with fangs, claws, and horns.  Jesus Christ apparently recommended this survival strategy, for he instructed his followers never to fight for pride, nor to carry any wealth, yet to still have a weapon.  This doctrine is for the purpose of survival, according to the universal law of survival of the fittest, for when you avoid fights yet still maintain formidable weaponry, then you are the most likely of anyone to survive.

Allahu Akbar

Mohamed conquered in the name of a god called Allah, from whom he received revelations.  The Islamic holy book, the Qur'an, contains these revelations.  The following quotes from the Qur'an reveal Allah's hawkish nature: 

"I (Allah) will terrorize the infidel.  Smite them on the back of the neck and cut off their fingertips… 37 If they rebel, seize them and kill them wherever you find them." 38 

Yet the Qur'an sounds more peaceable elsewhere:

"Fight for Allah's cause against those who fight you, but don't transgress the limits… 39 Terrorize the enemy… but if the enemy is peaceably inclined, then you should also be peaceably inclined." 40 

Far from being a blind ideology of hate, as some depict it, Islamic violence has a limit.  A wise god will chose his battles carefully, for he cannot fight everyone all the time.  Therefore, Allah gives the command to "fight those who fight you," not necessarily fight everyone.  This is indeed what we should expect from a god who understands survival of the fittest, for everyone must fight to survive, or at least terrorize the enemy enough to dissuade an attack.  Yet when there is no threat, there is no reason to jeopardize your own survival by picking a fight – hence the command to be "peaceably inclined."  Allah's philosophy on war and terrorism is entirely consistent with what we should expect from a space alien god who lives according to the law of survival of the fittest. 

That Allah is a real god is demonstrated by the large number of marvelous numerological oddities regarding the number 19 in the Qur'an, and this fact is regularly used by Islamic evangelists to persuade would-be converts.  However, the number 19 does not prove Allah is God Almighty; rather, it only proves Allah is associated with the moon, for 19 is the ancient occult number of the moon, because it takes 19 years for the lunar calendar to complete a cycle of synchronization with the solar calendar.  Allah was the name of the Arab moon god prior to Mohamed, and Islam still sports the crescent moon as a symbol of the faith.  Insofar as there exists considerable evidence for intelligent habitation of the moon, 41 the real existence of Allah as a space alien god is quite plausible.


Yet wasn't at least Buddha a god of peace?  Actually, the earliest school of Buddhists, the Theravadin school, considered him to be a mortal man, who was "enlightened" over and above the gods.  Buddha, being a mere mortal descended from apes, presented his own enlightenment as something that was greater than the gods.  He paid for this with his life.

Buddha died of a digestive problem. 42  Interestingly, four bad guys of the Bible also died the same way.  Herod the Great tried to kill the baby Jesus, and his reward was worms at both ends – his breath stank and his penis had worms living in it.  Antiochus IV smeared pigs' blood all over the Jewish sanctuary and demanded people worship him as God.  He got a bad case of intestinal worms and died confessing, "It is not right for mortals to assume the titles of gods."  King Jehoram murdered his brothers, and so the Prophet cursed him, and he died of intestinal worms.  Another Herod killed Saint James the Tall, and was struck with intestinal worms. 43  Eusebius' history recorded ten years of persecution, which was the most grievous holocaust the Roman Empire ever inflicted against Christians.  At the end of it, the emperor who perpetrated it died of intestinal worms.  On one occasion, the emperor had sent pimps to abduct a Christian woman, so that he could rape her.  Like Herod, the worms eventually swarmed inside his penis. 44 

     Therefore, the gods exact vengeance upon presumptuous humans who attempt to usurp their authority.  Intestinal worms is one signature of their vengeance.

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